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Online internal control system for managing legalization and sanctions risks

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Atbilst Platform is a convenient tool to fulfill your obligations under AML/CTPF and sanctions laws - to perform KYC/CDD and sanctions checks in one place.


Our experts and cooperation partners are ready to assist you in improving the internal control system and provide support for the implementation of its intended functions to ensure a risk-based approach applied to your company's operations.

Check your business partner in sanctions lists

Check whether you are subject to AML/CPTF Law

Determine partner country’s risk

What is Atbilst

Atbilst platform is an efficient tool for complying with the requirements of Latvian AML/CTPF* law, using own or outsourced resources.

Atbilst is a platform for users to independently carry out due diligence before starting to provide services, as well as at any other stage of cooperation, offering also to a possibility to engage outsource specialists of the field in question.

Atbilst platform offers a solution for automated check of matches between the client database you submitted and the sanctions lists of Latvia, UN, European Union and U.S. OFAC, and be swiftly informed in case of a detected match.

Platform customers have opportunity to perform additional checks on the international database Dow Jones Risk & Compliance, which offers more than 300 lists of sanctions, as well as lists of PNPs, their family members and their close associates. Possible connection types: platform (questionnaires), API, csv file. There are limits to the number of checks.
*Law on prevention of money laundering and terrorism and proliferation financing.

Useful information

AML Compliance jeb NILLTPFN atbilstība

Pieaugot prasībām NILLTPFN atbilstības jomā pieaug arī resursu izmaksas lai tām prasībām atbilstu - nepieciešams vairāk iedziļināties, rūpīgāk pārbaudīt, regulāri sekot - ar vienu vārdu sākot tērēt daudz vairāk laikā kā iepriekš, bet laiks, kā zināms, ir nauda. Atbilstība NIILTPFN prasībām nav viegls darbs. Un šeit mums palīgā nāk dažādi IT risinājumi, kas manāmi var atvieglot uzņēmējiem ar likumu uzlikto slogu.

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